A review of the theatre play „Just Strangers“

Today at school we saw the English theatre play „Just Strangers“ produced by the English drama group „theatre-at-school“. It was about racism, culture, religious faith and differences. The play (drama) presents the daily situation of refugees. Joe is a refugee from Syria and he came to England by boat. This morning he was pelted from four persons in a racial attack.After this had happened he hid himself in a park. The young boy was hurt and now he is scared because he doesn’t feel safe there. In the course of this scene the second character named Hannah came into the park, too.

At the beginning it was an aggressive meeting. Following a series of misunderstandings Joe and Hannah discovered that they are both foreigners with a multicultural background. Joe is a Syrian and Scottish boy, as I said. He is Muslim. Hannah is English and Jewish. She tries to help Joe.

Finally, the story has a happy end. The characters fall in love and become a couple. Now, with the help of Hannah, Joe is self-confident and open-minded. At the end Joe gives an interview about his story and his migrant background.

The director’s intention may be that all the people are just the same as Hannah said.  All the people are equal and nobody should be in any way discriminated against race, sex, religion or opinion. The director wants to evoke these emotions within the audience.

The complete drama was played by only two actors. Just before the end they changed their place and their clothes. They were no longer in the park, but at Hannah’s home. Occasionally e.g. between the scenes they played songs. In my opinion they created a really good atmosphere and they have successfully personified and typified the characters.

The theatre is worth visiting and I would recommend it because it describes or expresses the real feelings of the refugees and people with multicultural background. It wants to make us think about this daily topic with that said that we have to change our way of thinking before we have prejudices against people we don’t know.

I really enjoyed it! ☺👍🏽Josanne Mosa, LK Englisch