Theatre-at-school besucht das BKB zum dritten Mal mit dem Stück „Brexit-A love story“

///Theatre-at-school besucht das BKB zum dritten Mal mit dem Stück „Brexit-A love story“

Theatre-at-school besucht das BKB zum dritten Mal mit dem Stück „Brexit-A love story“

On Monday 26 February 2018 we were among 280 other students who visited the theatre play “Brexit” of the English drama group “theatre-at-school”. The last time they visited us they performed a play about different religions and their relation. But on Monday it was all about the “Brexit”. The group is known for their plays which they write themselves and adjust them to young people. Therefore they combined the political part with a love story. The play is about different opinions and the atmosphere in Britain shortly before and after the referendum. It presents the typical attitude of British people.


The play was presented by only two actors who changed into different characters. At the beginning you get to know Clive, the milkman, who is one of the main characters. And there is an old lady. Both hate changes. They stand for the British who do not want to meet new people and who do not want to know anything about other nations and cultures. Clive and the old lady hate changes and they want to leave the EU so that they can become British again. The old lady is in favour of “leave”, because she thinks that the EU wants to change everything. She also doesn’t like it when people immigrate into her country. Therefore she is firmly convinced to vote for “leave”.

In another scene Clive talks to his cat. The cat is of the same opinion as the old lady. Then there is an interplay – a tennis-match between two politicians. This match is a question-answer play full of irony because the prime minister makes fun of himself and the other politicians.

During the play Clive gets a new neighbour, a young woman – Madame Dupont –  who comes from France. First it was a shock for the convinced man, as he was not ready for a non-British inhabitant next to his door. But then there is a twist in the plot. Clive feels increasingly attracted by the French neighbour and he falls in love with her. He starts to question the meaning of the Brexit because he realises that it will directly affect his private life: Madame Dupont will have to go if he votes for the Brexit. But he has started to experience how exciting and nice it is to get to know new cultures and consequently he changes his opinion about the Brexit.

At the end of the play one can see that the people of the small village allow changes in their lives. Clive even goes on a holiday to France.

The complete play was played by only two actors and the stage was changed several times. While changing the stage set the actors played music in order to keep the audience’s interest. They also introduced music in their play.

In our opinion they created a really good atmosphere and they successfully personified and typified the different characters. The theatre play is worth visiting and we would recommend it because it describes a current and important topic in a humorous way.

Alina Thesing, Sophia Schlöter (GW 13)

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